Revolution Phaco Machine


Optikons Revolution Phaco Machine

  • Predictive Fluidics- Ensures maximum flexibility, safety in both anterior and posterior surgery.
  • Angel-Arterial nerve guard- Able to calculate in real time the perfusion pressure of the optic nerve and suggest the best infusion pressure in order to guarantee the utmost optic nerve and retina protection.
  • Twedge Technology- 20,000 cuts / minute dual blade vitreous cutter Maximum & constant flow at any cutting rate, no fluctuations even close to the retina.
  • Minimal Stress Technology- Minimal Stress guarantees the safest cataract extraction, optimizing energy at the lowest efficient level.
  • LED Lighting system- Revolution CR is equipped with three independent, high-efficiency LED light sources, free of harmful UV and IR emissions. It allows surgeons to perfect tissue visualization and guarantees the maximum protection against phototoxicity.
  • Full control foot pedal- Highly advanced programmable, dual linear, wireless foot pedal for complete control over up to 20 different functions.