EASYRET 577 nm
Yellow Retina Laser

Key Features

  • Fully Integrated Pure 577 nm yellow wavelength Photocoagulator based on Fiber Laser Technology
  • Ideal wavelength for Peripheral and Macular Photocoagulation
  • The Fiber Laser technology is a variation of Solid-State Laser where the Lasing Medium is Composed of rare earth elements doped Optical Fiber
  • Multispot Slit Lamp delivery
  • Subliminal r single spot, squares, customisable macular grid
  • Resume R Function
  • Optional LIO port
  • Continuously variable parfocal zoom – continuously adjustable variable spot size
  • Touch screen interface
  • Click wheel to control Pattern Settings
  • 5-year warranty of the Laser Cavity


Quantel Make Vitra 810 for Glaucoma and Retina Treatment

Combination of 810nm ( Red Laser Wavelength ) + SubCyclo is Vitra 810 SubCyclo. SubLiminal Cyclophotocoagulation ( SUBCYCLO ) is now emerging as a treatment of choice in controlling the IOP . It is an OR procedure based on Transcleral Cyclophotocoagulation

  • The Glaucoma laser probes do not come with specific lifetime. It can be used for both – Subcyclo and Thermocyclo ( with footplate ) modes.
  • Can also be used as a Retinal Laser . Delivery systems available – Slit Lamp, LIO, Micro and Endo. You can also use it for TTT application.
  • The console is small and lightweight ( 5.6 Kg ) .Can be easily carried to the OT from OPD and back.
  • Painting mode to treat lattice degeneration prophylactically.
  • Intuitive user interface