6 Litre Sterilizer

Newmed Midmark 6 Litre Sterilizer

Key Features

  • Friendly Interface
    – A multilingual software with just 4 buttons for simpler navigation to all sterilization options
    – The LCD display shows current information about your sterilization cycles and alerts on errors or service needs
  • Chember
    – 6 Litres made of thick one-piece moulded aluminium
  • Door Locking
    – Motor-operating door locking guarantees total safety
    – Greater ease of handling & reliable self-regulation of the hatch
  • Built-in Printer
    – An automatic printout records the entire procedure thereby providing permanent records of easy sterilization cycles
    – The paper printout can be kept and attached to your files for complete & accurate records
  • Water Quality Sensor
    – Our sterilizers are additionally protected by the inclusion of a water quality sensor, as standard.
    – The quality of water is constantly monitored.
    – The display informs the user that the water used for sterilization is good.