Ocular Surface Analyser
Complete diagnosis of dry eye, Dews II compliant

4 non-contact pain free exams in 4 minutes:
  • NIBUT (non-invasive break up time) – evaluation of tear film stability
  • Interferometry – qualitative and quantitative analysis of the lipid layer
  • Tear meniscus – quantitative analysis of the aqueous layer
  • Infrared meibography – qualitative analysis of the meibomian glands
Additional Examinations using Blue, White and Infrared LEDs.
  • Assessment of Corneal Damages, Keratitis, Conjunctiva and Eyelids Margin
  • Demodex
  • Blepharitis
  • Pupillometry and White to White
  • Grading Scales to assess severity of diseases and measure treatment results.
  • Dedicated Examination Table or on Slit Lamp Possible