M620 Microscope

The stepping stone to your High-End
Leica Microscope

Key Features

  • Low Light Concept : Excellent Light transmissivity through Optics ensuring Greater Viewing comfort, Reduced Corneal Glare and Less photo toxicity.
  • Optichrome optics give the surgeon natural colour, Outstanding depth of focus and high contrast.
  • Stereobase of 24 ensuring very high depth of focus.
  • Direct Halogen Illumination system for a brilliant, homogenous, and stable Red Reflex. The Jalousie system provides Optimum Red Reflex and Contrast & Depth of field.
  • Long reach of the microscope arm with stable base ensures clutter free area near the operative sterile zone.
  • Leica Provides an open architecture wherein you can choose to add 3 party items like Oculus BIOM for VR surgery , VERION from Alcon for markerless IOL guidance system, 3D System from SONY….
  • Continuous zoom magnification, XY Coupling and ON/OFF control on Footswitch are some essential features the Microscope offers to suit VR surgeons.

Technical Specifications

Optics Leica M620

  • Magnification changer: 6:1 zoom, motorized, adjustable speed
  • Focusing motorized, 50 mm, adjustable speed, with automatic reset
  • Objective apo leica wd = 175 mm, 200 mm
  • Achromatic leica f = 175 mm, 200 mm and 225 mm
  • Eyepieces widefield eyepieces for those wearing glasses 8.33×, 10×
  • And 12.5×; diopter adjustment +/– 5 with adjustable eyecup
  • Illumination homogenous, coaxial illumination; integrated red reflex illumination, light intensity adjustable via control unit and/or footswitch jalousie for continuous, situation-dependent reduction of ambient illumination via sterile controls;
  • Quick-change lamp mount with 2 halogen lamps, 12v/50w
  • Filter changer with uv projective filter;
  • 2 free openings for selectable filters diameter 32 mm
  • Inclining mechanism+/– 5° manual fine adjustment, sterile operation
  • Xy-unitpositioning range 50 mm in x and y direction;
  • Adjustable speed, reset button, automatic reset at power on control unit
  • Multifunctional display for brightness, magnification, reset and user selection, adjusting the speed of drives, individual user programming,
  • Auto reset
  • Hand/footswitch12-function footswitch with controls arranged longitudinally or transversally, wired or wireless
  • Optional: 6- and 16-function wired footswitch, 12- and 16-function wireless footswitch, 12-function handswitch

Floor Stand Leica F20

  • Type F20 compact floorstand
  • Base compact base with 4 movable rollers, 4 foot brakes
  • Base Dimension 608 × 608 mm
  • Maximum load 6.5 kg accessories on the microscope
  • Maximum reach 1444 mm
  • Minimum transport height 1902 mm
  • Weight approx. 210 kg (minimum equipment)


  • Assistant’s attachment
  • Stereo co-viewer, monocular co-viewer
  • Beam splitter 50% / 50%, 70% / 30%
  • Leica rotatable beamsplitter
  • Tv/photo leica 2d video system
  • Leica zoom video adapter (zva), 3:1 zoom,
  • 35 mm to 100 mm focal length, c-mount, with fine focus
  • Leica manual video adapter (mva),
  • 55 mm, 70 mm focal length, c-mount, with fine focus
  • Photo/tv dual attachment f = 60/85/107 mm for tv,
  • F = 250/350 mm for 35 mm camera
  • Photo attachment f = 250/350 mm
  • Wide-angle observation biom, eibos
  • Inverters avi, sdi, oivsl, rols
  • Laser can be fitted, adapters available from laser suppliers
  • Asepsis sterilizable components for all controls

Electrical data

  • Supply 100–240 vac (+/– 10%), 50/60 hz / 250 va
  • Protection class class 1
  • Safety type Type B