Phaco & Vitrectomy System
When Evolution becomes Revolution

The Extraordinary Creativity Of Giugiaro Design and Optikon’s Fifty-Year Experience in The Sector of Ophthalmic Surgery have Converged to Create R-Evolution. Professionals From All Over The World Helped To Invent A Highly Advanced Platform That Merges Top Quality Design, A Simple User Friendly Interface and Ground Breaking Technological Solutions to Meet All Surgical Requirements.

R-Evolution is an Advanced System, Programmed to Evolve Steadily: Its Extreme Flexibility Involves the Option of Constantly Updating the Equipment to Ensure Up-To-Date Technology.

R-Evolution is Conceived On Highly Sophisticated Fluidics With Performance Optimisation Based On Three Types Of Pumps. A Series Of Optikon Patented Solutions Cover the Main Surgical Areas: Namely the Lighting System with dual Operating Temperature and Filters Designed To Reduce Phototoxicity, the A.D.C. (Asymmetrical Duty Cycle) System for Retinal Surgery and the Minimal Stress Patent for Optimal Energy Control During Cataract Surgery.

R-Evolution: An Unprecedented Revolutionary Project that looks toward the future of Ophthalmology.

Key Features of Optikon Revolution

  • High Vacuum I/A Cassette Rotary Vane, Venturi And Peristaltic Pumps
  • 19” Hd Touchscreen Gui
  • Dual Hid Xenon Light Sources, 4 Filters
  • Wide Motorised Instrument Tray
  • Fully Programmable Bluetooth Foot Peda
  • IOP dynamic control: adaptive fluidics
  • Dual irrigation system: forced & gravity fed
  • High vacuum single use cassette system
  • Advanced phaco modulation with DSR
  • 4 & 6 crystal phaco handpiece
  • Programmable and wireless dual linear footswitch
  • Integrated electric IV pole
  • Dual pump: peristaltic and rotary vane
  • 4,000 cuts / min anterior vitrectomy
  • Integrated compressor for vitrectomy

Key Features of R-Evolution CR

  • Dual Pump: Peristaltic and Venturi
  • 20,000 cuts/min vitrectomy with Twedge cutters
  • Angel: Arterial nerve guard system
  • Three independent Hi-efficiency LED light source
  • Phototoxicity filters in light source
  • Automatic air- fluid exchange
  • Automatic silicon oil injection and removal
  • Plana fragmatone with pars plana tip
  • Individual VIT accessories available in 23, 25 & 27 G
  • Highly optimized Twedge vitrectomy cutters
  • Integrated 532nm green laser optional

Technical Specifications


Fluid Delivery:

  • Gravity Fed-Eye Pressure Determined By The Height of Irrigation Source
  • Forced Irrigation – Eye Pressure Controlled By The Equipment
  • Control: System Foot Pedal


  • Aspiration Pump Types: Peristaltic and Venturi (R-Evolution Cr),
  • Peristaltic and Rotary Vane (R-Evolution)
  • Default Vaccum Level: User Programmable
  • Available Vaccum Range: From 5 to 650 Mmhg
  • Default Flow Rate: User Programmable
  • Available Flow Rate Range: From 0 to 65 Cc/Min, Step 1cc/Min (Peristaltic Only)
  • Available Aspiration Rise Time: Adjustable On 25 Levels (0.5 S-12 S)
  • Surgeon Mode (Linear Aspiration): Linear Aspiration (Vacuum and/or Flow Rate) From 0 to Preset Linearly Controlled Via System Foot Pedal
  • Control: System Foot Pedal

Vit (Vitrectomy)

Handpiece Type:

  • Pneumatically Powered Guillotine Cutter (Vit)
  • Pneumatically Powered Microscissors (Sciss)
  • Cutting Mode: Reciprocating Motion
  • Default Cut Rate: User Programmable
  • Available Cutting Rate:
  • (R-Evolution Cr) From 60 to 6000 Cuts Per Minute (Vit)
  • (R-Evolution Cr) From 60 to 310 Cuts Per Minute (Sciss)
  • (R-Evolution) From 60 to 770 Cuts Per Minute
  • Single Cut: Single Cut Mode Available
  • Actuating Medium: Pressurized Air
  • Operating Pressure: From 2.3 Bar to 4.2 Bar
  • Surgeon Mode (Linear Cut): Linear Cut Rate From 0 to Preset Controlled Via System Foot Pedal
  • Control: System Foot Pedal

Diath (Diathermy)

Type: Bipolar Generator

  • Operating Frequency: 2 Mhz
  • Nominal Power: 9 W (200 Ohm Load)
  • Default Bipolar Power: User Programmable
  • Available Bipolar Power: From 5 to 100%
  • Surgeon Mode (Linear Power): Allows Linear Control of The Diathermy Power Via System Foot Pedal
  • Handpiece Type: Bipolar Microforceps, Slim Stat Pencil Eraser, Intraocular Diathermy Pencils
  • Control: System Foot Pedal

Illumination (R-Evolution Cr Only)

  • Source Type: Dual Independent Hid Lamps (4300k and 5000 K)
  • Intensity Adjustment: Mechanical Diaphragm, 10 Levels + 4 Protection Cut-Off Filters


Air Injection Section (R-Evolution Cr Only)

    • Nominal Pressure: From 5 to 120 Mm Hg
    • Safety Devices: Air Activation Sound

Silicone Injection Section (R-Evolution Cr Only)

Nominal Pressure: From 0.4 to 5 Bar

  • Signals: Silicone Injection Activation Sound, Low Pressure At Air Inlet
  • Control: System Foot Pedal


Handpiece Type: Piezoelectric

  • Frequency: 40 Khz
  • Tip Stroke: From 0 to 100 Μm
  • Power Control: Panel or Linear Control of The U/S Power Via System Foot Pedal Depression
  • U/S Mode: Linear or Panel; Continuous, Short Pulse, Single Burst, Multi-Burst, Continuous
  • Burst, Programmable Emission Mode and New Hd Pulse Mode

Foot Pedal

  • Programmable, Simultaneous Double Linear, Single Linear, Bluetooth
  • Degree of Protection Against: Ipx8, Harmful Ingress of Water
  • Numberof On/Off Controls: 9, User Configurable
  • Number of Linear Controls: 3 (2 of Which Simultaneous), User Configurable
  • Wireless Type: Class 2 Bluetooth 2.1
  • Operating Frequency: 2400 – 2480 Mhz
  • Transmission Power: 4 Dbm Max
  • Operating Range: 10m
  • Power Supply: Nimh 2700 Mah, Rechargeable Battery
  • Operating Time (On Battery): 20hr Approximately

Compressed Air Specs (R-Evolution Cr Only)

  • Input Air Pressure: From 500 to 800 Kpa (From 72 to 116 Psi)
  • Air Consumption: 32 Normal Litre/Minute