Proveo 8 Microscope

The Microscope for the Connoisseur with Fusion Optics,
CoAx4 Illumination and UltraHD iOCT*

Key Features

  • The “Fusion Optics technology “ : Two Separate Optical Beam Paths – One beam path provides depth of field and the other provides high resolution . The Brain merges the two images into a single , optimal spatial image translating in high contrast, high depth and high resolution through out the magnification range. Refocusing during the surgery is greatly reduced.
  • Low Light Concept : Excellent Light transmissivity through Optichrome Optics ensuring Greater Viewing comfort, Reduced Corneal Glare and Less photo toxicity.
  • Stereobase of 24 ensuring very high depth of focus.
  • Quad Zoom Optics ( can be likened to 2 microscopes within one Microscope )
  • CoAX 4 Illumination uses 4 Individual Beam Paths from two LED Lamps .The Beam Paths all enter the eye at perpendicular angles to the Retina which results in a stable and homogenous red reflex for all observers throughout all steps of Cataract surgery . Two LED lamps provide direct illumination with a consistent color temperature, light intensity, and homogeneity over the complete life cycle of the Microscope.
  • Long reach of the microscope arm with stable base ensures clutter free area near the operative sterile zone.
  • Leica Provides an open architecture wherein you can choose to add 3 party items like Oculus BIOM for VR surgery , VERION from Alcon for markerless IOL guidance system, 3D System from SONY….
  • Select variants of Proveo 8 are field upgradeable for Leica’s Intra-Operative OCT.
  • Intuitively designed 10 to 50 deg Ultralow Binocular tube moves lower than the other binoculars to allow stacking of auxiliary accessories thereby helping to maintain the natural posture of the neck translating to less tension, less fatigue and better work.
  • Direct Illumination: needs no fiber Optic cable.
  • Integrated Keratoscope to determine astigmatism in Anterior Segment surgery.
  • F42 Floor stand comes with Electromagnetic Brakes.
  • Programmable Handles – 4 user defined functions can be assigned to the Handles.
  • Rotatable Beam splitter and Zoom Video adaptor ( optional ) provide unique edge over the conventional systems in video documentation worthy of presentation in International forum.