Meridia Topographer

Medmont meridia
Advanced Corneal Topographer

Key Features

  • A new level of clarity with a comprehensive suite of high-resolution images, increased field of view, and additional applications to clearly enhance your practice’s capabilities for better patient care
  • The medmont meridia platform incorporates an advanced ergonomic design with five quick keys on the instrument
  • Increased Field of View Topography
  • Optimized Depth of Field Focus
  • High Resolution Digital Color Imaging
  • Horizontal Visible Iris Diameter Measurement
  • Enhanced and Quicker Interface Connections
  • Meibomian Gland Imaging
  • Tear Meniscus Height Measurements
  • Scotopic and Photopic Pupil Measurements
  • Dry Eye Patient Screening Reports
  • Fluorescein Imaging and Video