Axis Nano, The Ultrasound Biometer

  • Small in Size, Huge in Performance
  • Enhanced Patient Cooperation And Comfort
  • Easy to Use And Intuitive User Interface
  • Precision in A-Scan & Iol Calculation
  • Mobile Versatility

Technical Specifications


  • Adjustable Gain: 20 to 110db
  • Time Gain Control (Tgc): 0 to 30db

11 Mhz Probe

  • Transducer Frequency: 11mhz
  • Tip Diameter: 7 Mm (0.28”)
  • Electronic Resolution: 0.03 Mm (0.002”)
  • Depth: 60 Mm (2.36”) on 1536 Points
  • Contact and Immersion Techniques Compatible
  • Aiming Beam: Led or Laser Pointer Probeamtm*

Axial Length Measurements

  • Ultrasound Propagation Velocity Adjustable Per Segment (Anterior Chamber, Lens, Vitreous) and Iol and Vitreous Material
  • Built-In Pattern Recognition: Phakic, Aphakic, Pmma, Acrylic and Silicone Material for Pseudo-Phakic Eye Types
  • Automatic Calculation of Standard Deviation and Average Total Length (Series of 10 Measurements)
  • Acquisition Modes: Automatic, Auto + Save, Manual
  • Automatic Detection of Scleral Spike
  • Srk-T, Srk2, Holladay, Binkhorst-Ii, Hoffer-Q, Haigis
  • Post-Op Refractive Calculation: Pre-Op and Post-Op Refraction, Pre-Op and Post-Op Keratometry6 Different Methods for Keratometric Correction and Implant Calculation: History Derived, Refraction Derived, Contact Lens Method, Rosa Regression, Shammas Regression, Double K/Srk-T, (Dr. Aramberri’s Formula)
  • 9 Values Bracketed for Desired Ametropia for Each Iol (Iol Increment Steps : 0.25d Or 0.50d)
  • Simultaneous Display of 4 Different Iol Calculations.

Data Management

  • Built-In Physician and Patient Database
  • Emr Compatible
  • Compatible with Pc and Usb Video Printers