Pulsar Minimal Stress

  • Continuous Micrometrical Stroke Length Control & Adjustment by Minimal Stress System (Patented).
  • High Performance Dynamic Peristaltic Pump.
  • Power Limit & Auto Pulsed U/S.
  • Up to 25 Vacuum Rise Time Levels.
  • LCD Screen.
  • User Friendly Control

Technical Specifications


  • Programs : 10 User Programs

Equipment Control

  • Foot pedal : Single Linear, Single Linear Left, Double Linear, Double Linear Left, Mmp, Single IVP


  • Irrigation Pressure : Regulated by The Height Of The Electric I.V. Pole
  • Irrigation Control : Footpedal and Arrow Keys On Frontal Panel


  • Aspiration Pump Type : Peristaltic with Single-Use Or Reusable Tubing
  • Vacuum Level Range : Programmable From 5 to 500mmhg (Step 5mmhg)
  • Flow Rate Range : Programmable From 2 to 50cc/Min (Step 2cc/Min)
  • Rise Time (In Us Mode) : 25 Levels, Programmable From 2 to 50cc/Min (Step 2cc/Min)
  • Control : Panel Or Linear Vacuum and Flow Control by The Footpedal
  • Safety System : Acs3 (Anterior Chamber Surge Suppression System)


  • Cutter Type : 20/23/25g Pneumatic Guillotine Cutter
  • Cutting Rate Range : Single Or Repetitive Cut From 60 Up to 700 Cut/Min
  • Cutters : Reusable Guillotine Cutter, Adjustable Port From 0.2mm Up to 0.7mm Single Use Guillotine Cutter
  • Actuating Medium : Pressurized Air From Integrated Air Compressor
  • Special Features : Open Tip / Closed Tip Position
  • Control : Panel Or Linear Cut Rate Control by The Footpedal


  • Type : Bipolar Diathermy, 7w @450ohm
  • Probes : Forceps and Pencil Eraser Surface Probes, Endo-Ocular Pencil Probes
  • Control : Panel Or Linear Power Control by The Footpedal


  • Operating Frequency : 40khz
  • Maximum Stroke: Up to 100μm, with Minimal Stress Control (Patented)
  • Operating Modes: Continuous, Pulsed From 1 to 40 Hz, Single Burst, Multiple Burst, Continuous Burst
  • Power Reduction Modes : Power Limit and Auto Pulsed

Handpieces :

  • Slim 4 Piezoelectric Handpiece (Four Crystals, Titanium Ultralight 40gr)
  • Single Use Two Crystals Handpiece, Includes Us Tip, Sleeve and Test Chamber
  • Tip and Sleeves Range: For Coaxial Phaco, Co-Mics, Mics (Incision Size Range From 1.0mm Up to 3.2mm)
  • Control : Panel Or Linear Stroke Control by The Footpedal

Technical Specifications

  • Input Voltage : 100/120/220/230-240v (A.C.) Selected
  • Frequency : 50/60hz
  • Power Consumption: 90va (Standard), 125va (Peak)


  • Ce Marking : European Directive 93/42/Eec
  • Safety : Conforms to Iec 601-1,Iec 601-1-2,Iec 601-2-2