SUPRA 577 Yellow Laser

Gold Standard Multispot Laser
577 Nm Photocoagulator Laser
  • Quantel Medical’s Cutting Edge Laser Technology has Brought Constant and Multiple Innovations to Retinal Physicians Worldwide since 1993.
  • Supra Scan 577 is a 577 nm Photocoagulation Laser that Adapts to Haag Streit type Slit Lamps.
  • It Offers a Large Choice of Laser Treatment Options improving the photocoagulation experience for both patient and retinal specialists.

  • Supra Scan 577: Pattern Scan, Yellow & Micropulse !
  • Pattern Scan
  • Short Pulse Durations: 10-20 Ms
  • Less Heat Diffusion to the Retina and Choroid = Less Collateral Damage to Surrounding Tissue
  • Comfortable Treatment Better Tolerated by Patients
  • Extremely Fast Treatment (Full Prp in 2 Sessions Only)
  • Shorter Laser Sessions (Compared to “Classic Treatments”)
  • Customizable Retina Patterns & Possible Applications:
    Ideal 577nm Yellow Wavelength
    More Efficient: Use of a Lower Power Level (Vs 532 Nm / 561 Nm & 586 Nm)
  • Excellent Combined Absorption by both Melanin And Oxyhemoglobin
  • Excellent Penetration Through Cataracts and Hazy Media
  • Safer Close to the Macula (Vs 532 Nm & 561 Nm)
  • Very Little Absorption by Macular Xanthophylls Pigments
  • Micropulse Mode
  • Tissue Sparing Treatment Mode Avoiding Scarring
  • Composed Of A Train Of Extremely Short Microsecond Pulses This Subthreshold Treatment Option Is Generating More And More Interest Among Retinal Physicians
  • It Affords New Laser Treatment Options For Many Pathologies Such As Diabetic Macular Edema, Central Serous Retinopathy
  • It Can Be Combined With The Pattern Scan Mode For An Easier And Better Treatment Delivery
  • Supra Scan 577: Technology
  • Electronically Controlled Laser Emission
  • Classic And Pattern Scan Modes: Quantel Medical “Start And Stop” Principle As Opposed To Continuous Emission Pattern Lasers, Supra Scan 577 Does Not Use Galvo Mirrors To Control Pulse Duration
  • The Laser Beam Is Always Perfectly Centered In The Fiber
  • Each Laser Pulse Is Generated And Controlled By The Laser Itself
  • Each Pattern Is Produced By Two Galvo Mirrors Which Direct Each Electronically Controlled Laser Spot
  • This Smart Technology Choice Ensures Excellent Spot-To-Spot Laser Burn Consistency. Fluence Is Controlled And Consistent For Each Spot.
  • Micropulse Mode: When Physics Meets Electronics
  • Compared To Conventional Photocoagulation, Micropulse Technology Allows Precise Control Of The Thermal Effect On The Targeted Tissues.
  • The Use Of This Subthreshold Treatment Mode Converts Each Laser Shot Into A “Pulse Envelope” Composed Of A Customizable Train Of Short Pulses, Allowing The Operator To Fully Adjust The Pulse Duration (On Time) And Interval (Off Time).
  • Quantel’s Micropulse Option Can Be Used In Combination With The Pattern Scanner For Easier And Better Implementation Of Non Visible Subthreshold Treatments (Ex: Macular Grid).
  • Continuous Parfocal Zoom
  • Provides Homogenous Top Hat Power Distribution Within Laser Spots With Crisp Well-Defined Edges
  • Continuously Variable Spot Size - Single Spot: 50μm To 500μm / Multispot: 100μm To 500μm
  • Supra Scan 577: Ease Of Use
  • Control Laser Settings With An Analog Knob, Touch Screen Or Hands-Free Via The Foot-Switch
  • Control Patterns (Size, Orientation…) With An Analog Knob And A Dedicated Touch Screen
  • Supra Scan 577: Versatility
    4 Laser Delivery System Options
    Multispot Slit Lamp Adapter Compatible With :
  • Haag Streit Bm/Bq 900
  • Most Of The Haag Streit Clones
  • Or Microscope Adapters Compatible With
  • Zeiss Type
  • Leica Type
  • Endoprobes
  • 20 G
  • 23 G
  • 25 G
  • Laser Indirect Ophthalmoscopes
  • Heine 180 (Integrated Laser Adapter)
  • Keeler Vantage Plus (External Laser Adapter)
  • Control Patterns (Size, Orientation…) With An Analog Knob And A Dedicated Touch Screen
  • Supra Scan 577: Transportable

    Technical Specifications

    Laser : 577 Nm, Solid State Technology (Opsl)

    Power At Tissue Up To : 2000 Mw

    Pulse Duration : 10 Ms To Continuous - Mircopulse Mode

    Aiming Beam : 635 – 650 Nm

    Size : 14.6 (H) X 33 (W) X 30.7 (D) Cm - 4.8’’ (H) X 10.8’’ (W) X 10’’ (D)

    Weight : 10.5 Kg – 23 Lbs

    Cooling : By Peltier Effect

    Power Requirements : 100 To 240 Vac, 350 Va, 50/60 Hz

    Delivery Systems

    Supra Scan 577 - Multispot Slit Lamp Adapter


    Square, Circle, Triple Arc, Macular Grid, Single Spot

    Single Spot Modes:Single, Repeat, Painting, Continuous

    Slit Lamp Compatibility:

    Quantel Medical Slit Lamp, Haag Streit 900 Bm & Bq And Clones

    Spot Size:

    Single Spot: 50 Μm To 500 Μm

    Multispot Mode: 100 Μm To 500 Μm

    Laser Indirect Ophthalmoscopes

    Heine 180

    Keeler Vantage & Adapter


    20 G

    23 G

    25 G

    Or Microscope Adapter

    Zeiss Type

    Leica Type

    Available Models

    • Supra Scan 577 System (Including Supra 577.Y Laser And Supra Scan 577 Adapter)
    • Supra Scan 577 Complete Configuration (Including Supra 577.Y Laser, Supra Scan 577 Adapter, Table And Slit Lamp)