M220 On F12 Stand

High productivity
Handsfree adjustment of the motorized 5-step APO-chromatic magnification changer and focus helps to speed up surgery.
Fatigue-free surgery
Prestigious Leica optics create a crisp and contrast-rich image wth excellent depth of focus.
Latest innovation LED-illumination
Instant and perfectly stable Red Reflex from unique, direct LEDlightsource..
Low cost of ownership
Design without fibre optics cable and 60 000 hours of nominal LED-life expectance ensure many years of reliable operation at minimal cost.
Maximum positioning flexibility
The compact-in-size, long-in-reach stand system allows a high degree of positioning freedom.
Leica Quality
Excellence in optics, precision and reliability..
Modularity and upgradeability
A wide range of observation accessories meets all users’ ergonomic requirements, offering the best possible view. The modular system allows a subsequent and straightforward upgrade.

Technical Specifications


  • Magnification changer APO-chromatic 5-step-changer, motorized
  • Focusing Motorized, 40mm, adjustable speed
  • Objective Leica f = 200mm OPTIONS: 175mm, 225mm, or Leica WD = 175mm, 200mm APO
  • Eyepieces 10× / 21 B wide-field eyepieces for eye-glasses wearers
  • Diopter adjustment +/– 5 with adjustable eyecup
  • LED-illumination Homogenous, coaxial, integrated Red Reflex illumination,
  • Sterile adjustment of light intensity by surgeon
  • Long-lasting LED-illumination free of UV and IR
  • 2 free openings for selectable filters dia 32mm
  • Inclining mechanism +/– 15° manual fine adjustment
  • Adjustable speed for drives
  • Foot switch 8-Function foot switch, waterproof
  • XY-unit Optional/upgradeable XY-unit
  • Positioning range 40 × 40mm with reset, adjustable speed


  • Type Compact floor stand
  • Base Compact foot with 4 movable rollers, 4 foot brakes
  • Base dimension 608 × 608mm
  • Maximum load 3.5kg accessories on the microscope
  • Maximum reach 1068mm
  • Minimum transport height 1680mm
  • Weight approx. 100kg (minimum equipment)


  • Assistant’s attachment Stereo co-viewer, Monocular co-viewer
  • Beam splitter 50/50% or 70/30%
  • Leica Zoom Video Adapter f = 35–100mm
  • Photo/TV dual attachment f = 60/85/107mm for TV, f = 250/350mm for 35-mm camera
  • TV attachment f = 107mm, Photo attachment f = 250/350mm
  • Asepsis Sterilisable components for all controls

Electrical data

  • Supply 100–240 VAC, +/– 10%, 50/60 Hz/100 VA
  • Protection class Class 1